Training DVD

cd coverChristmas Carol Festival: Tools for Success  

training DVD 


Here is all you need to help a team of people catch the vision behind the Christmas Carol Festival process. Planning works best when started by June 30th. The DVD is a mixed media aid for parishes and groups.


God Speaks through Carols 3:41 min
Preparation & Visions of Carol Festival 3:55 min
How old are these Carols? Brief History 3:16 min
The Making of the CCF Project 6:46 min
Bah, Humbug! at It’s Best – preservation 2:45 min
Development of the CCF and its forerunners 6:58 min
Jesus is Lord of the Carols 2:59 min

Plus HOW TO AUDIOS: Eight parish leaders speak about their experiences at a diocesan training day. Audios range in length from 3:19 mins to 5:25 mins. Parish settings include: suburban, inner city, sparse Catholic population area, merged communities, vacation area and a civic venue.


Zenit article: Putting Christ Back into Christmas Carols Dec 14, 2009
FAQ, ice breaker, History of CCF, Jesus in January handouts, Reaching Out in
Prayer, movements for There Was a Little Baby, training session handouts,
Songsheets, evaluation form, order form, mood meter, Three Kings Festival
NEW Power Point suitable for training

PHOTOS Jesus in swaddling clothes, manger photos, sample ADS

VIDEOS (for play on a computer)

INTRO for the festival project 2009 (7 mins)
Christmas Carol Festival 2012 –most recent introduction (10 mins)
Sample Video Invitations for parish use, Hello Mary (suitable for small group)
There Was a Little Baby (with manger)
There Was a Little Baby (with movements)
VIDEO of Parish leaders: St. David, Howell*, Trenton, Bordentown, Seaside Park*, Charleston WVA   ** Howell and Seaside Park are only available on the CD

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