DSCF6516Prayer Before a Manger

Jesus, I am as empty as this manger. I place all the dark and lonely corners of my soul into your hands. I give you all the things that keep me from finding you. Help me wait for your presence. Help me surrender all of my emptiness to you, as I watch for the Christmas star. Be born in my heart once again. Amen.                       


  CCF ad1 photoShopper’s prayer          

O God, come to my aid and help me. Here is my list of all the people I care about. Some of them have given me personal wish lists. Others have a blank space beside their names, and I don’t know what they want.

Help me see each one with your eyes. O God, be with me. Show me some small item that will reflect your love and mine. Show me how to choose a gift for each one, since you know each one better than I do. O God, I need a few sales. Bless and multiply what I spend and help me let go of what I can’t buy. Use my money and my gifts to bring your joy -the kind of joy that lasts and never runs out. O God, I give you my time, my harried wish for a parking space, my frustration with the lines at the registers.

Help me take the time to pray for the other shoppers around me, other drivers and the store clerks. O God, your son, Jesus, was once a little child, but he became so much more. I ask all these things in his name as I try to make Christmas a real celebration of his birth and of his redeeming love for us all.  Amen.


 DSCF7840Cookie Baker’s Prayer

God, bless the work of my hands. Bless those who eat these cookies. Let the joy of Christmas fill their hearts. May Jesus be made known through Christmas carols singing, through conversation and even though these cookies. May Jesus be known through all the efforts of all of our Christmas Carol Festival volunteers. Amen.


small snowSnow Prayer




Shower me with your grace, O Lord,

The way you shower the barren branches with snow.

Fill me, the way you enrich the empty forest with your splendor.

Shower me with your life, even if it be frozen for a time, like snow.


Shower me with your grace, O Lord.

Make me like the snow that shimmers and reveals your light.

For you, O Lord, are light from light, and radiance beyond radiance.

And I am a mere reflection of the brightness you have showered on me.


Shower me with your grace, O Lord.

Make me like the snow that tosses light into the blue, blue universe.

Shower me with grace upon grace, as I remain beneath your glorious presence.

Let the world see only your magnificent light, your love, your radiance, your grace.                                                                      Amen.

                  copyright (c) 2009 Therese Boucher