three kings

DSCF7409 copyfbkThree Kings Festival: Wise Men at My Door

Script for a Parish Celebration

Invite people ahead of time to bring photos of their front doors (not the whole house)


STEP ONE.  Introduction and singing of  carols During the Carols the Magi enter but  remain near the last rows asking people if they know about a newborn in the village.  

STEP TWO: Sharing about answering the door.

MC script: Let’s imagine what it was like for Joseph to discover the three magi at the entrance to the stable. Were the three magi just one group of visitors among many? Did they arrive during the day or at night? Did they call out? Did they knock? Was there even a door? There is a lot we don’t know.

So let’s look at our own experiences with answering the door instead. Think about your own house and the door that people enter. What does it look like? Is it locked during the day? What do you suppose it is it like for people to find your door and wait for you? Can you think of a time in your life when you had an interesting experience, or a surprise, when you opened your door?

Find someone nearby and share about your door and your experiences of greeting someone there. (Allow about fifteen minutes)

STEP THREE: Summarize with the large group by asking for a show of hands. Questions might include –type of door (wood or metal), most used (front or back), locked or unlocked, usually a positive or negative experience to open the door?  

STEP FOUR: Singing of a carol followed by a  Witness about welcoming Jesus STEP

FIVE:   Reading and re-enactment of Matthew 2: 1-2, 7-12

A. Costumed Magi enter the manger area with gift,during the singing of a “We Three Kings“. They kneel before the child.

B.Song continues during a procession with photos of people’s doors, that can be arranged on tables, floor or wall.

door collectionSTEP SIX: Sharing and prayer

Invite people to share (by twos) about their concerns for their homes, streets or  neighborhoods.

Spontaneous litany of streets where participants or loved ones live. People name their streets (not full addresses) in prayer.

Demonstrate and distribute traditional prayer for blessing of doorways.

STEP SEVEN:  Invite people to future events and refreshments. End with a carol.