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We appreciate your comments, observations and questions. We are also offering a free pdf of our Christmas Carol Song Sheets to anyone who contacts us.


John and Therese Boucher

 Worcester, MA


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  1. Reg & Jan Konrade says:

    We listened to your webinar 10 Simple Ways to Evangelize over the Holidays. It was very good. Thank you. However we didn’t get the handouts downloaded before and we don’t know how to get back to them. Could you send them to us or let us know how to access them. Thank you for your help. God bless, Reg & Jan

  2. Mary Beaudoin says:

    Dear John and Therese,

    We would like to make photocopies of your Christmas Carol Song Sheets to use in our religious education classes.

    Thank you.

  3. says:

    Yes, please use them. I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner about this.

  4. says:

    I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner about this. Please write and give me your email address at and I will send the handouts to you.

  5. Julie Sawyer says:

    I’m presenting to our Mission & Planning Committee tonight at Catholic Community of St Francis Xavier, Hunt Valley MD (just North of Baltimore)
    1. Do you know of any Baltimore parishes that have presented CCF?
    2. I assume permission to copy p 6 from Guidebook and also John’s interview with Zenit.
    3. which Preservation program did you find more effective: Jesus in Jan or Three Kings? (the first seems to have a little more “meat”.
    4. Have you seen The Gift, a Life in the Spirit Course from England? It has a freshness about it, plus English accents.We are going to try it in the Fall. Check it out if you like: (20 British pounds = about $25 US

  6. says:

    St John of Arc in Marlton, NJ is the closest we know.
    yes, you can copy those pages and the carol pages.
    lots of things have worked for preservation — an afternoon of prayer on New Years Day, Jesus in January… Holy Spirit seminars, etc. Not familiar with “The Gift” but the sources cited are good….

    We also have a new introduction to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal that was released this week. It could be a team resource. John offers some free coaching about progrma planning if you are interested

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